Cuisinart DCC-3200CP Coffeemaker


Want to start your day right with one or many cups of coffee at just the right temperature?

Are you looking for a machine that makes coffee right away and doesn’t require many skills to do it? This Cuisinart DCC-3200CP PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is the right choice for you. A coffee maker that can make the brewing process simpler and easy but still produces a great tasting cup of coffee at the same time.

The Cuisinart 14-Cup coffeemaker is created with a cutting edge coffee technology to provide you warmer coffee without losing the taste. You can choose a flavor profile with regular up to a bold strength control, and set brew-time up to 24-hours. There is also a backlit LCD which is easy-to-read and an indicator light that signals when it’s time to decalcify.

40 Years of Excellence

In 2018, the company expands its product offering additional with the introduction of the Espresso Defined, Burr Grind & Brew 12-Cup and Coffeemaker. Cuisinart is one of the most reliable companies which have specialization in producing well designed and easy to use products that have certainly  brought comfort and convenience to household appliances..

Their commitment is to produce innovative, functional and top-quality products. Cuisinart won numerous great awards and recognition throughout the years, including Good Design Awards, the Gold Hermes Award, and the Gold Summit International Award.

Highlighted Features and Benefits


The look and quality of this brewer are impressive. Its classy look blends well in a modern kitchen. This machine is made up of stainless steel and available in three different color choices. This is going to be a stylish addition to your kitchen countertops.

This has a glass carafe that can hold 12 to 14 cups of a brew. Overall, this machine is undoubtedly the best choice to have among the Best Drip Coffee Maker out there.

Easy to use and maintain

It’s so simple to use. This machine has a clear lit LCD display which is very large and clearly visible for easy to read. So, programming the 24-hours programmable brewer is just a breeze.  With only the required buttons, the control panel has also been kept very simple. When you select a distinct button, it lights up. Even for a beginner, it is pretty much easy to use.

It has a glass carafe with stainless steel handle for a good grip and this will look graceful when serving a coffee.

Plus, the DCC-3200 has also an auto clean option. Just follow the steps given in the instruction manual before using this feature.


For optimal brewing temperature to get the good taste and quality coffee, that should be between 190 to 205 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 to 6 minutes. Add your desired amount of coffee and water. Push the bold button if you require a stronger brew and hit brew.

The DCC 3200 meets this standard and also it is rated high for quickly brewing a full pot of brew. It takes around 5 minutes to brew 8 to 10 cups. So, you have your coffee in no time.


  • Innovative Heating Technology: The technology behind the water heating system in the Cuisinart DCC-3200 makes the water to be extra hot, meaning your coffee will stay hot for hours, without weakening the flavor of the coffee through the brewing process.
  • Brew Strength Options: Choose from regular for a standard strength coffee, or bold for a stronger, more aromatic full flavor brew
  • Pre-programmable: You can set the machine up and pre-programme the timer to begin brewing your coffee anywhere within 24 hours. This is great if you want to wake up to freshly brewed coffee
  • Amount Settings: You can choose to brew a full pot or you can choose the 1-4 cup setting for a smaller pot of coffee.S
  • Auto Shut Off: The machine can be programmed to auto off as soon as the brew is finished or anywhere up to four hours after.
  • Adjustable keep warm temperature control: You can decide how hot the hot plate is. Choose a higher setting for the maximum length of keeping warm time, or choose a lower setting if you have brewed a smaller pot and don’t want to risk the slightly scorched taste that can sometimes occur when coffee is kept on a hot plate for too long
  • Permanent gold-tone filter: Includes a reusable gold tone filter to make brewing easy.


  • The included water filters which aid in giving your coffee a fuller flavor and also reduces the need for descaling.
  • Simple to use.
  • Good tasting coffee every time.
  • The permanent reusable filter saves you money because you don’t have to buy filter papers.
  • Good price.
  • With fourteen cups: most machines are ten or twelve cups brews so having the extra cups is great.


  • It’s more steamy than other models so not ideal to be stored underneath cabinets when in use.
  • Although the carafe is stated to be dishwasher friendly, when you pour your coffee, some will get stuck in the rim and dishwashers don’t seem to be able to get rid of it so be prepared to wash it by hand.

What’s in the box?

  1. A Cuisinart DCC-3200 machine
  2. A user manual
  3. A gold-tone permanent filter – No need to buy filter papers
  4. Charcoal water filter
  5. Glass carafe
  6. A standard twelve months warranty

There are also options to extend the warranty, either three to four years more for just a small additional fee.


The Cuisinart DCC-3200 is a great machine for its value. Can make tasteful coffee and its pre-programmable so you can have your coffee ready to serve you.

The Final Drip

This machine is best for anyone who is just new in the coffee making process and doesn’t require a lot for you to learn on it. This Cuisinart DCC-3200 makes a job easy for a complete beginner to try it.

Cuisinart DCC-3200 is also ideal for anyone who drinks a lot of coffee and wanted to serve a whole family since it has a large brewing capacity.

Investing in this product is highly recommended. When it comes to price to feature ratio, this model offers a good value for the money you spend.n