Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn, Silver

Do want to start throwing a big party in your house or in your own cafe business with a ton of coffee for a large crowd? Then you better check the Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn and what it can offer. 

The founder Frederick J. Osius of Nacco Industries and Hamilton Beach Brands Holding Company developed and manufactured the first Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn in April 1910. He believes that coffee is not just for one but for larger group of people. Now, the Hamilton Beach Commercial Appliances critically acclaimed that they can be found in the world’s best bars, restaurants, and available for your home too.  

It is ideal for people who love hosting events and serving massive group. Or if you own a cafe business and serving 40 to 50 customers in a day. They get to enjoy drinking without worrying of making a coffee again in a small coffee machine. You will have a sufficient stock of coffee in a large carafe of the Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn.  

If you are not a fan of a this large coffee gear then you’ll have an option to check the Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn. This coffee urn is a small version among all Hamilton Beach Commercial models. This two may differ in size but the same functionality and purpose.  

Let’s take time to read the whole article to know more about the benefits of Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn to us.

What’s in the Box? 

You can now try the Hamilton Beach Coffee-Cups Urn after you take it out from the box. First, take out the manual from the box and read through it.  

Second, remove all the filters, needles and other parts. Wash it with soapy water before using it. It also says to run one cycle of pure water through the machine and hit brew now button. When it says brewing that means it is working.  

And lastly, you will have an option to use your own coffee cups without using the adapter. It was a little bit noisy and it seems taking a little while. Maybe because this is the first try but eventually I use it smoothly after couple of times of using it. Now, I can make my cup of coffee every single day! 

Highlighted Features and Benefits 

Versatile and Flexible 

This can also be used for other drinks and other hot beverages. It heats faster and without spillage. If you’re not into coffee, serving hot chocolate for a large crowd will work too. This is also ideal for your health-conscious friends who loves to drink their favorite hot juices. You may consider bringing a couple of coffee urns. So, they can get to choose their preferred hot and cold beverages every time. 

This Hamilton Beach 45-Cup Coffee Urn brews a cup of coffee per minute and shows a ready to serve light to let you know when to start pouring. You can accurately fill the urn with the water level markings inside. 

 It has also a locking lid and heat resistant handle for your safety and easier carrying without spillage. We got this machine on Amazon and the most exciting part is that Hamilton Beach Appliance secure a two-year warranty for their products and that makes them more reliable.  

Fast Brewing System for Massive Group 

This coffee urn measures 18 inches that can make 40 to 60 cups of coffee. It takes a minute to brew in making more coffee cups compared to other brands. With this fast brewing urn, it can make delicious coffee for a large crowd. It can cater group of people, hosting events and parties. Ideal for buffet style gathering at home. Also, It can serve in s large business meeting. 

The Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn has a 2-way dispenser. This feature allows filling a larger carafe. It can make a massive amount of coffee than having it in a small pot. The indicator light helps you to determine if the coffee is ready.  

I’ve been managing a coffee shop for 5 long years. Among most adults, coffee is the drink of their choice. Serving hot freshly brewed coffee in hosting a large crowd is really hard and entice our guests until we decided to use this large coffee pot to maximize our daily routine.  

Since we had this equipment in the cafe now we have fewer problems brewing coffee to our clients. On the other hand, some of our guests are claiming that the coffee urn cannot sustain the hot temperature after a couple of hours. What I like about this brewing urn machine is that this can make 40 to 60 cups per minute speed. It is a really great help with us in the cafe especially when we are on a peak hours. I can’t imagine how we can cater a group of people visiting and serving them all at once.  

Let me point out the fact that this will heat up so quickly and it is not the same with the typical coffee pot with the burner. It shuts off automatically after it brews and reaches its maximum temperature.  

The Verdict 

To all individual people who love to accommodate large group of people. And to all coffee business owners or planning to have a coffee shop. The Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn is the one you are looking for. It has a large carafe to cater massive people whether may it will be your visitors or customers in your cafe.  

If this coffee urn will not work for you because it is large and bulky to carry. Then, you have alternative like the Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn. It is not too big to bring in any events or occasion. But, has the same functionality as the Hamilton Beach D50065 Commercial 60-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Urn can offer.  

Be mindful of what coffee machine will work for you. Before you decide which coffee urn will provide your needs and can benefit from them. It’s your call in making the right choice now and visit on Amazon to grab the product while still available in stock.