Technivorm Moccamaster 59616 KBG Coffee Brewer 40 oz Polished Silver

If you are coffee lover that is happy with a pre ground coffee in the mass market. Then, better not to waste your money with other coffee equipment. But if you’re into single origin, micro roasters and want to enjoy a wine like coffee experience then the Technivorm Coffee Brewer is as good as it gets.

Each machine is distinctly handmade by the Technivorm engineers in the Netherlands. It is cleverly built with two separate heating elements to monitor the heating plate and brewing temperature.

These elements ensure to brew the coffee temperature between 198° to 205° and holding temperature of 176° to 185°. Its precision earns a certification from Specialty Coffee Association of America, Specialty Coffee Association of Europe and European Coffee Brewing System.They all get this specialty coffee certifications because they are doing right. This machine brews at the right temperature of 200° in the right amount of time.

So if your looking for a coffee gear that has the better heating elements and maintains the right temperature of coffee. Then, look no more and check this out so you can enjoy your favorite coffee drink while you are relaxing in a sofa.

If you preferred different style that has more functionality. Then, better check the Ninja Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System. They may differ in some features and capability but has a common quality of a coffee machine.

Let’s check together what the Technivorm Coffee Brewer can offer more than the expectation! Find out more by reading the entire article.

Highlighted Features and Benefits

Good Distribution Heating System Element

One of the most important component of a drip coffee maker is having an excellent heating system. Majority of water that passes through in the brewing process should be within the ideal temperature range. So, the coffee will heat up quickly and ready to drink in seconds.

This is exactly what the Technivorm does. Unlike with its competitor, will use lukewarm water at the start of brewing process. The Technivorm remove this approach and instead it heats up the water in seconds with no wait time.

You might be seeing barista pouring water into the funnel in circles when visiting a local coffee shop. The reason behind it is to distribute water uniformly as possible. While most drip coffee makers will drop water in one spot. This machine uses a shower system responsible for distributing the water more evenly within the funnel.

It produces a quality cup of coffee because the distribution heating system improves the overall extraction. Designed to evenly distribute the water over the coffee grounds as results to tasteful balance flavor. You can efficiently complete the cycle in five to six minutes.

This is one of the few coffee makers that can brew in the optimal range of between 198° and 204°. Awarded with certified delicious flavor by the SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America).

Designed to Last for Years

The overall design of Technivorm brewers is the same high level quality than most outstanding coffee brewer in the market. It is small and compact but has capacity to brew up to 10 cups. This machine is sleek and stylish that fits nicely to small kitchen counter tops.

Its boiler is made of durable copper element with dual safety guard that has automatic off functionality. This is backed by a five year warranty and has available replacements parts sold alongside. So, the machine can be maintain for years to come.

This model of coffee brewer has different variety of colors. It is some of the most durable, well built and strongest coffee makers that had been tested to lasts long.

The industrial design of this machine has also been upgraded especially with its water tank. It is capable of detecting how much water you filled because of its transparent waterline markings.

Overwhelming Easy Usability

After using the Technivorm Coffee Brewer for a while, it became clear that the maker of this machine put a lot of thoughts into its function. Aside from the funnel lipped carafe and white safety button, this coffee machine has a lot to offer. Its features attributes to make it easy to operate.

With flat cover on its water tank, its is effortless to remove and reveals its wide mouth for easy water pouring. Which is extremely helpful especially when it is rush hour. The same goes with its tank water markings. It has a written measurements for both cups and litters to accurately monitor the water level.

Most of the coffee machines removable parts are bulky and large that merely rest in place. But not this coffee machine because of its gravity feature the cleaning by hand is painless. Though, the washing of the product different components in a dishwasher is not advisable. Preparing this machine while watching running through its brewing process is really fun.

After fully filling the water tank, just drop a no. 4 paper filter along with coffee grounds measures using the scoop. In the brew basket, simply swivel the water outlet to its place with both lids in position. The next step is called the Brew-Thru-Lid, with the destratification tube into the carafe’s mouth; slide the carafe into the socket and turn on the switch.

Then you will see it bubbles for about 10 to 15 seconds into the brewing cycle. Normally, you will hear a soft gurgling sound that gradually progress to more bubbles. This going upward inside the glass tube at the center of the water reservoir. While the boiling water moves from the tank to drip over the coffee grounds in the brew basket.


  • Most Affordable Option
  • Multiple Color Choices with Stylish Design
  • Energy Efficient


  • No Programming Feature Available
  • Low Flexibility and Control Settings
  • Side Cover Made of Plastic Materials

The Verdict

To all people who want to maintain their coffee temperature even past the hour. The Technivorm Coffee Brewer will fulfill all this need. It has a good distribution heating system element that heat its plate fast and brew the coffee as fast at it should be. This is ideal if you are living in a fast pace environment.

If you are not a fan of this machine because of its simplicity. Then you may check the Ninja Ninja Hot and Cold Brewed System that offers a lot of modes and functions. You can be a barista if you are using this coffee gear. Both have the same functionality but different in some capabilities. It is still your call to decide which coffee brewer exceeds your expectations.

At this point, if you are eager to try the Technivorm Coffee Brewer now then visit on Amazon. Move fast and check it now while still available in a reasonable price.